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Idemitsu Lube (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd was established in 1991 as the marketing subsidiary for Idemitsu lubricants in the region. Idemitsu Lube Malaysia today, actively explores the domestic market in a bid to meet the needs of tomorrow with the application of the latest technology and advanced scientific developments in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants. Headed by professionals with vast experience further reinforces the company’s operations in line with the vision of becoming a leading supplier of lubricating oil in Malaysia.


Idemitsu Lube Malaysia’s main operations involve the distribution of all types of lubricants, which include automotive, marine and industrial lubricants through our three offices cum warehouses in Malaysia.


Sales & Services
At Idemitsu Lube Malaysia, we not only supply our lubricating oils at reasonable prices but also ensure that the products supplied are of the highest quality. This is made possible by incorporating the latest technological innovations and technical know how. Our range products include both local blend lubricants from South East Asia subsidiary as well as high grade lubricants imported from Japan.
We value our customers as our business partners and by continually providing advice and consultancy services in the field of lubricants and related activities that will help to improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations.
In consideration of providing prompt and efficient delivery services to our customers, our warehouses are strategically located in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang with normal and bonded facilities.


In 2015, we set up Idemitsu Service Team complete with hi- tech equipment and well- trained members to provide value added services to our customers such as:
Oil Change on various type of machines
• New machine oil fill up
• Machine Flushing & Cleaning
• Service Reports
• Oil Analysis
• Seminar & Training


Over the years, we have firmly established ourselves as a reliable distribution channel for the range of "IDEMITSU" and "DAPHNE" products in the region's lubricant markets. Our dedication to constant technological development and genuine concern for the environment ensures that we deliver the finest possible products, remaining true to our policies of commitment to quality products and responsibility to the global environment.




|Japan Headquarter

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. was founded by Sazo Idemitsu 1911 and the company has since expanded and moved into a wide range of fields, from the procurement of crude oils to the manufacture and retail of petroleum products, development of oil resources, manufacture of petrochemicals, and research on fossil fuel alternatives.

Idemitsu has consistently free competition and retailing from a consumer perspective. Today, in an era of full-scale competition in the marketplace, Idemitsu remains committed to those core beliefs, even in the face of many challenges.

Petroleum is an integral part of everyday life, which gives the petroleum industry a highly visible role in our society. As an energy provider, Idemitsu's prime role and responsibility is to provide a stable supply of petroleum and its byproducts while minimizing the impact of petroleum- related activities on the environment.


As one of the leading lube manufacturers and supplies in Japan, Idemitsu supplies to 26% of the conuntry's lube market and origin factory-filled engine lubricants to over 40% of Japan's car manufacturers and dominating over 80% of the Japan automotive air conditioner compressor oil market. On the forefront of innovation and with a strong R&D team, the company has invested years of research into product enhancement for its customers and the environment. Some of these innovations include the development of the energy-efficient Daphe Hermetic PAG series for automotive air conditioners, polyvinlether (PVE) which has been Traction Drive Fluid (TDF) and for CVTs (continuously variable transmission) in vehicles.

At Idemitsu, we look forward to fulfilling our responsibilities through free competition, in-line with our human-oriented corporate philosophy;
Now that the market is functioning normally according to set rules and enterprises free competion in pursuit of providing consumer satisfaction, the business


People make society; contributes to society".

Idemitsu has a range of logos and trademarks for different products


Apollo was the Greek god of light, love of beauty, balance, music, fine arts and poetry. The Apollo logo has been used as the trademark of Idemitsu gasoline products since 1951, and has subsequently been used for kerosene, LPG, high quality auto lubricants and other consumer products.


Daphne, a fairy from the Greek mythology, became the trademark for Idemitsu’s automobile lubricating oil since 1953, and is now the trademark for high-grade industrial and marine lubricating oil.

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