Fully Synthetic

Idemitsu 4T 5W-40 SL/MA2 Fully Synthetic

• The range leading product here is highly recommended for 4T motorcycles and sport bikes.
• Fully synthetic engine oil that withstands high temperatures while maintaining high fluidity in low temperatures. This gives it the ability to have excellent cold starts.
• Meeting the API: SL and JASO:MA2 requirements, this oil ensures maximum engine protection.
• Suitable for both high speed and urban traffic usage.

Packing : 24x1L Carton

Idemitsu 4T 10W-40 SL/MA Fully Synthetic

• Excellent high temperature protection.
• Superb fuel economy.
• High fluidity at low temperature at cold start
• Great durability at high temperature protection

Packing : 24x1L Carton