A range of multi-purpose, long-life and extreme pressure type greases for suitable for wide range of industrial uses.

Injection Moulding

Daphne Eponex IM

Idemitsu Eponex IM is specialized grease catered for servo type injection moulding machine that stands out for its exceptional extreme pressure and wear resistance properties. With its ability to suppress fretting wear caused by machine vibration, it’s an ideal lubricant for high-load ball screw parts in various machinery.



A high-quality lithium soap grease based on refined mineral oil. Used for a wide range of grease-lubricated locations such as ball screws, linear guides, and toggle mechanism parts of various industrial machinery. In addition, the grease has the excellent wear resistance, extreme pressure, pumping property, and metal corrosion resistance required for grease.

Packing: 700g x 6 pcs (Cartridge)

CNC machine

Daphne Polylex UMF

IDEMITSU POLYLEX UMF is a high-performance CNC machine grease with excellent lubricity and anti-fretting characteristics. With its superior extreme pressure and wear resistance, it’s an ideal lubricant for ball screw parts and linear guides in various industrial machines. Additionally, it provides excellent water and coolant resistance, making it an ideal choice for use in machining environments.


Uses refined mineral oil as a base oil and urea compounds as a thickener. Used for grease-lubricated parts such as machine tools, ball screws and liner guides of various industrial machines. In addition, because of its superior lubricity, anti-fretting characteristics, temperature suppression, and coolant resistance under the high load environment, it can be expected to contribute for the improvement of machining accuracy.

Packing: 500g x 6pcs (Cartridge)

lithium complex

Daphne Eponex Grease SR Series

Daphne Eponex Grease SR is high quality lithium complex soap based grease which is specially formulated with selected high quality mineral oil with various additives. It is recommended for roll and plain bearings and all other grease lubrication parts. Usage temperature range: -20°C to 200°C

• Excellent mechanical shear stability and oxidation stability
• Excellent lubricity for long period
• Excellent low torque properties


Recommended for roll and plain bearings and all other grease lubrication parts. It is especially suitable to work under high speed conditions such as electric motor or high speed machine, superior low torque and has excellent high temperature characteristics.

Packing : 16kg Pail and 180kg Drum
Available NLGI grades : 0,1,2


Daphne Grease MP

Daphne Grease MP is a range of multi-functional, high quality lithium soap base grease specially formulated with highly refined mineral oil with various additives to provide outstanding lubricating performance. Usage temperature range :-20°C to 130°C

• Excellent in high load-carrying abilities
• Excellent oxidation stability
• Excellent in low temperature characteristics
• Superior water resistant abilities
• Superior rust preventive abilities


DAPHNE GREASE MP is specially developed to withstand heat and/or extremely pressure conditions. This grease is widely used for many applications such as construction machine, Industrial machineries, wire rope, paper mills, etc. And this grease is useable on centralized lubrication system.

Packing : 16kg Pail and 180kg Drum
Available NLGI grade : 2, 3


Daphne Grease M

Daphne Grease M is one of four grease products offered. It has a lithium soap base that has been structured with highly refined base stock and molybdenum disulphide (MoS2). This mixture means that Grease M has spectacular performance during heavy and shock loading operations. With extreme pressure ability, it has stable oxidation, and rust prevention abilities.


Recommended especially for use in ball-joint, universal joint of cars as well as ball & roller bearings
in various industrial machines, grease lubricated parts, which receive high or shock load.

Packing: 16kg Pail



Apolloil Chassis SK and SK-K is composed by Lithium soap and hydro-treated high quality base oil with various additives.


Apolloil Chassis SK lubricates the chassis parts of bass, trucks and constructing machine. And Apolloil Chassis SK-K is soft grease for concrete pumping vehicles.
Recommended service range
20°C to 130°C

Packing : 16kG pail, Carton Box (20 pieces of 400gram cornice in a Carton.)


Daphne Polyrex Grease

Daphne Polylex Grease is a superior high temperature grease that consists of polyurea thickener (non soap type), highly refined hydrotreated base oil and various additives to enhance its performance.


To be used for lubricating areas where high temperature is experienced, eg. bearings of furnaces, drying machinery where the bearing temperature is between 150-200°C.
Temperature range is -10°C – 200°C.
Note: Avoid mixing with other grease (eg. lithium, calcium soap grease)

Packing : 16kg pail


Daphne Molydenum Grease

Daphne Molybdenum Grease is a high quality lithium soap based type of multi-purpose grease specially formulated with organic type of molybdenum EP and various additives. With the molybdenum EP additive, it enhances the lubricating performance on the machines.


It is recommended for lubricating ball joint and universal joint parts of vehicles. With its extreme pressure additives added, it is suitable for machines operating with high load and high impact load.

Packing : 16kg pail

calcium sulfonate

Daphne Multilex WR

Daphne Multilex WR is a multi-purpose grease formulated with highly refined mineral base oil, calcium sulfonate complex thickener and additives including the antioxidant for high temperature. It has excellent anti-rust, anti-wear and water-resistant properties.


Specially developed for roller bearing and plain bearing found in industrial machinery example like vertical car parking system, paper manufacturing machine and wire rope grease which require heat resistance, extreme pressure and water resistance, it prevents grease melting due to heat, prevents galling due to wear and prevent swelling of seal due to water contamination.

Packing : 16kg Pail & 400g x 20 Carton

spray type

Daphne Spray Grease

Daphne Spray Grease is highly penetrative, contains rust preventive properties and is capable of forming a strong lubricating film. In addition, Daphne Spray Grease has low flow ability and is able to maintain a thick oil film for long periods, allowing it to possess excellent rust preventive and lubricating properties. Daphne Spray Grease has low odour as it uses high purity synthetic hydrocarbon solvent. Also, Daphne Spray Grease is white in colour, so when used as a spray it enables surfaces to preserve their appearance after applying and is ideal for greasing hard-to-reach lubrication points.


E.g. Bearings · Hinges · Winches. Chains · Motor Pivot Points · Latches · Pistons · Conveyors · Metal Parts · Catches · Overhead Door Tracks Cables · Runners. Water Pumps Gear & Brake Mechanisms and much more.

Packing : 200ml x 20 carton

robot grease

Daphne Eponex RG-M

Daphne Eponex RG-M is the grease that combines lithium soap as a super high viscosity index base oil for moderators that contains low temperature torque characteristics, excellent heat resistance, and additives that are effective in extending fatigue life, and contributes to improving productivity in the manufacturing field.


Recommended for industrial robot reducers and has excellent properties. It has low temperature startability, low torque, energy saving and no leakage.

Packing : 16kg Pail