For both open type and closed type heating systems.


Daphne Thermic Oil Series

Daphne Thermic Oil Series is a range of heat transfer oil formulated to provide exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, thus, minimizing viscosity changes and deposits forming at the heating surfaces.
Recommended as heat transfer oil for both open type and closed type heating systems. It is most suitable for long-term application. Recommended operating temperature range is up to 200°C in the open systems and 300°C in the closed systems.

Available grades : 32, 46, 68, 100

Packing: 20L Pail, 200L Drum


Daphne Alpha Thermo 22A

Daphne Alpha Thermo 22A is synthetic heat transfer oil with excellent oxidation stability and minimum sludge formation recommended for the open type heat transfer units.
Recommended for long term maintenance free, high temperature heat regulation in the injection moulding machine for the precision engineering plastic and as heat transfer medium in open-type heat transfer systems. Operating temperature range (bath temperature) 0 ~ 220°C.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum

Daphne Alpha Thermo 32B

Daphne Alpha Thermo 32B is a full synthetic heat transfer fluid specially formulated with fully synthetic base oil and various additives to provide excellent heat transfer performance.
Recommended for both closed and semi-closed heating system with operating temperature up to 260°C.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum