A series of anti-wear, zinc-free, anti-oxidation and various additives to provide superior performance in all hydraulic systems.

Daphne Super Hydro A Series

Daphne Super Hydro A is a non-sludge type, heat resistant, wear resistant, long life hydraulic fluid with a high viscosity index and extremely low pour point. Suitable for use hydraulic system in low temperature.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum
Available grades : 32A, 46A, 68A

Daphne Bios Hydro SE Series

Daphne Super Hydro SE is formulated to provide excellent performance as biodegradable and fire resistant hydraulic fluid. It is highly recommended for use as biodegradable hydraulic fluid in various outdoor hydraulic power units. In addition, its exceptionally high flash point enables it to be used as fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum
Available grades : 22SE, 32SE, 46SE