turbine oil

A series of multi-purpose oil suitable for use in bearings, gears and hydraulic systems.

Daphne Super Turbine Oil Series

Daphne Super Turbine Oil is a premium quality super long life turbine oil with extremely low sulphur content.
It is especially excellent for use in high speed turbo compressor, compressor for chlorine gas and nuclear power generator etc. Comes with anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum
Available grades : 32 ,46 ,68

Daphne Super Turbine Oil MG32

Daphne Super Turbine Oil MG32 is made exclusively for oil-injection compressors, such as rotary and screw compressors.
It is particularly excellent in oxidation stability at high temperatures and does not affect copper materials, giving a long oil service life.

Packing : 20L Pail, 200L Drum