Link Policy

  1. Please feel free to provide direct hyperlinks from your website to any public (not password accessed) webpage at All our webpages can be reached by starting at We require that any such links be either through: i. a text link containing our domain name, or ii. a graphic banner logo seen on the linked page and the top of this page. Any other linking methods are not licensed by Idemitsu Malaysia.


  1. Hyperlinks should either transfer visitors fullscreen to Idemitsu Malaysia, (not in a frame belonging to another site), or the link should launch the Idemitsu Malaysia site (preferably our homepage) in a new browser window. We require that Idemitsu Malaysia’s HTML pages and content do not appear within the frames of others, nor accompanied in any way by third-party material that may create a mistaken impression in the mind of the viewer about Idemitsu Malaysia’s affiliation with, or endorsement of, the third party site or their frame.


  1. The Idemitsu Malaysia logo and related slogan, which are legally protected trademarks, should never be removed from HTML pages on which they appear, nor be associated with any third party we have not approved in writing, in advance. Our webpages should always appear exactly as we have posted them.


  1. Alternatively, you could download and reprint information from our site, but we prefer being provided with a hyperlink instead. By linking directly to us, visitors to your website will be given access to the most up-to-date version of  Idemitsu Malaysia information possible. In addition, all our webpages have links to a wealth of other information available from  Idemitsu Malaysia.


  1. Of course, all  Idemitsu Malaysia site content is copyrighted by  Idemitsu Malaysia with all rights reserved. Feel free to use it as you like, as long as  Idemitsu Malaysia gets prominent credit as the source.


  1. However, Idemitsu Malaysia does not allow links with sites that:

    * Breach other’s rights to privacy or confidentiality

    * Promote illegal, fraudulent, or unlawful activities

    * Are defamatory, libelous, offensive, or obscene

    * Promote hatred of any group

    * Breach common “Netiquette”


Idemitsu Malaysia is always happy to have other sites provide a link to ours if these general policies are respected. We follow these policies ourselves, so the links we provide to other sites respect the legitimate interests of others in their intellectual property, bandwidth, and corporate resources. We support good Netiquette and encourage the marine community to do the same. Thanks again for your interest. Please let me know how we can assist you further.