Advantages of Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil

Ever wonder why Idemitsu has been emphasizing on Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil specifically? Why is it important to use zinc-free products and what are its advantages? Let’s dive in. 

Using zinc as an additive in hydraulic oils has been a long-time practice. It serves as an anti-wear and antioxidant agent. While it has its functional usages, zinc based additives have a corrosion nature towards certain metals. Over the many decades of usage, it has been found that zinc-based oils cause corrosion to metals such as yellow metals where the surfaces undergo a chemical attack when exposed to zinc compounds. 

An advantage of zinc free hydraulic oil is its reduced harm to the environment. Zinc is a non-biodegradable additive and has been proven to be toxic in nature. The usage of it, even in small amounts, encourages zinc mining and aquatic toxicity. The lack of zinc usage in these zinc-free hydraulic oils reduce the risk of accidental spillage, dangerous disposal treatments and zinc misting from air lubricators. 

Another key advantage of zinc-free hydraulic oils is the ability to operate at a cleaner level. Oils with zinc additives are susceptible to water contamination due to the reaction of the zinc additive with the water forming deposits within a system. This causes a filtration hazard and may potentially lead to blockages and oil starvation. 

Zinc-free hydraulic oils are a complete package that harness the latest technological advancements in lubrication that not only benefit operation costs but also enhance performance, durability and are healthier to the environment.