Importance of using a good EDM oil

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), is a machining technique that applies the physics of electricity to the process of metal machining. The process precisely removes material from the conductive materials using an electrode. The surface of a metal workpiece is formed by discharges occurring in the gap between the tool and the workpiece. The tool and the workpiece both act as electrodes and must remain contact-free and submerged in a dielectric fluid throughout the process for it to be successful.

EDM is a popular solution when traditional machining methods reach their limit. Unlike the more common metal cutting tools, EDM is non-traditional because it does not need any mechanical force, relying solely on thermal energy. Since it can be used on any conductive material, EDM is extremely versatile. Its lack of mechanical force allows it to be useful in delicate cutting processes such as fragile outlines, complex shapes, and depths that are impossible to reach with a cutting tool. An added feather in its cap is the higher quality finish produced with EDM. 

EDM oil makes a significant difference to the overall performance of your EDM. A good quality EDM oil is highly refined and purified with the goal to be more efficient. Engineered to burn cleaner, the usage of EDM oils produces a finer finish at a faster rate. While doing so, the oil also extended fluid life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Idemitsu Daphne Cut HL 25-S offers the benefits listed above with the addition of creating a safer working environment. Producing less smoke, the oil creates a less toxic working environment. It is also easy on the skin with the use of more synthetic oils so as to not risk the health of its users. Healthier for the environment, being a synthetic EDM oil, it is much easier to dispose of, thus reducing its environmental impact.