The Importance of Interval Oil Change

An engine needs constant lubrication to perform at its optimum and maintain a healthy lifespan. Lubricants such as engine oil have come a long way with technological enhancements making them last longer and protect an engine against the harsh conditions and load subjected to it. They do however still require to be changed. 


In the process and duration of protecting engine internals, engine oil goes through degradation and gets consumed. In simpler terms, the engine oil wears out under usage. This is why every engine oil product has a recommended interval to be changed. Why is this important?

1. Improved Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption and engine oil quality goes hand in hand. As the engine oil grows closer to its interval change it reduces its effectiveness and causes the engine to work harder. When the engine works harder, more fuel is needed. So if you notice your car returning unusually low km/l figures, then check if you’re nearing or have passed the oil change due date!

2. Longer Engine Life

Sticking to the interval oil change period is crucial to the life of the engine. With periodically new engine oil coating and cleaning the engine, it ensures the prevention of sludge, dirt particles and carbon build up within the engine. Despite some of these problems being unavoidable, timely engine oil changes does its part to mitigate the harmful effects of wear and tea. 

3. Cleaner Emissions

Poor emissions out of a car create an unhealthy living environment for everyone. These emissions rely highly on an engine’s efficiency and internal health. As mentioned earlier, old engine oil carries more dirt and a build-up of hydrocarbons within the engine. When this occurs, they are emitted out of the exhaust and cause more harmful pollution. By contrast, an engine performing well with fresh and within its interval duration can reduce such build up and have cleaner emissions.

4. Improved Performance

Performance is a key aspect in an engine. Engine oil that has passed its interval duration becomes reduced in quantity, temperature resistance, lubrication and holds more sludge. Combining these properties, the performance of the engine will dramatically reduce along with causing harm to its internals. If you want performance, remember to stick to the engine oil intervals!